Baby Shower Games

Baby Shower BINGO

This game is a shower classic for a reason: It engages the guests in the gift-opening.

You'll Need
* BINGO templates (see below)
* Pens

How to Do It
* Print out enough BINGO templates for each guest.
* Fill in the registry items in the blank squares.

Party Time
* Distribute one BINGO card and pen to each guest.
* As the mom-to-be opens the gifts, guests mark off the gifts on their cards.
* Whoever gets a complete horizontal, vertical, or diagonal row complete first is the winner.

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Customized Baby Onesies

Have your guests create a custom designed onesie.

You'll need

* Blank Onesies
* Pens & Markers
(The more color the better)
* Clothes Line
* Clothes Pins

Let your guests design a one of a kind onesie for your baby. Once they are done hang them up on the string with the clothes pin so everyone can see. The Mom to be will pick her favorite..and Tadaaa

The Winner is....

Name That (Baby) Tune

Get the tunes going -- and let guests test their music savvy -- with this rockin' game.

You'll Need
* One mix CD
* CD player
* Pens and paper

How to Do It
* Go through your music collection, or surf iTunes, and make a fun list of songs that have "Baby" or "Babe" in the title. Mix it up with classics (like "Be My Baby" by the Ronettes), pop favorites (like Britney Spears' "Baby One More Time"), and more recent hits (Beyonce's "Baby Boy").
* Pick out 15 songs (or use our playlist at the end of the slideshow) and burn them onto a CD.

Party Time
* Distribute paper and pens to the guests.
* Play part of each song (the first five seconds or so) and have guests write down each song title and artist.
* The guest with the most correct complete answers (title and artist) wins.

Guess Mom's Tummy Size

You'll Need

Materials- String or yarn and scissors

Have each woman pull the yarn to the size they believe would fit perfectly around the Mother-To-Be's center of her pregnant tummy. After everyone cuts their string, compare the results to the Mommy-To-Be's actual tummy. Give a prize to the woman who is the most close! This is a baby shower favorite.

Pregnant Twister

Let the guests play at being preggers -- but with a twist. They'll test their skill and flexibility -- while wearing a faux-pregnant belly -- during a, um, complicated game of Twister.

"This can be especially fun to play at a co-ed baby shower, so the guys can get in touch with their feminine side -- and amuse all the women by falling flat on their faces," says Heidi Murkoff, author of What to Expect When You're Expecting.

You'll Need
* One Twister game
* Wrist weights
* Pillows
* Fanny packs

Party Time
* The pregnant mom-to-be will sit this one out and act as the judge.
* Give each guest a pillow, a fanny pack, and a set of wrist weights. Have each guest put the weights in their fanny pack and strap the pack and pillow around her waist.
* Play Twister with the extra weight!
* Last one standing is the winner.

How Many Baby Items Can You Name

You'll Need

pad of paper and pen for each woman

Have each woman write down as many baby products as they can name (bottle, blanket, pacifier, etc) within 5 minutes. Sure it is easy at the beginning, but towards the last few minutes, the women will start racking their brains for more :) Give a prize to the woman who gets the most baby products named!

Don't Call Me "Baby"

Sure, it's a baby shower -- but is it possible to make it through the entire party without uttering the word "baby"? This game tests guests' self-control and listening skills as they try to avoid saying "baby" and call out those who slip up.

"People can get really animated catching each other and aggressively trying to win," says Jennifer Adams, author of Baby Showers.

You'll Need
* One diaper pin for each guest

Party Time
* When guests arrive, give each one a diaper pin to put on her shirt.
* Explain the rules when you give out the pins -- throughout the shower, no one can say the word "baby."
* When someone slips and says "baby" -- and someone will! -- the person who catches her gets her pin.
* Whoever has the most pins at the end of the shower wins.

Pin The Sperm on the Egg

Check out this wonderfully funny game called Pin The Sperm on the Egg. Just like the old fashion game of pin the tail on the donkey, this new and exciting version will thrill your friends and family at your next baby shower!

Who's That Baby?

Everyone loves looking at baby photos, so let guests show off how cute they were as babes -- and see if people can guess who's who.

According to Adams, this is a perfect icebreaker at the beginning of a shower, so try it if you've got a group that doesn't know each other well.

You'll Need
* A baby photo of each guest (ask them to bring one in the invitation)
* Masking tape, or a clothesline with clips
* Pens and paper

How to Do It
* Collect the baby photos when the guests arrive.
* Hang up the photos and label each one with a number.

Party Time
* Distribute paper and pens to the guests.
* Give the guests 10 minutes to match the baby photos to the guests.
* The person with the most correct matches is the winner.

Who's the Celebrity Baby?

Though not everyone will 'fess up to it, most people have snuck a peek or two (or way more) at the latest pics of Suri Cruise, Shiloh Jolie-Pitt, or Jayden James Federline. Now, guests can put their celeb-kid knowledge to the test with this game, recommended by Danielle Friedland, publisher and president of Celebrity Baby Blog, to which -- we freely admit! -- we're slavishly addicted.

You'll Need
* Pictures of celebrity babies and their parents
* Masking tape
* Pens and paper

How to Do It
* Collect a big assortment of pictures of celebrity babies and their parents by cutting them out of tabloid magazines, or printing them from the Internet.
* Assign a number to each celebrity baby.
* On one side of a wall, hang up the famous-baby pics.
* Next to that, display the celeb-parent pictures.

Party Time
* Distribute paper and pens to the guests.
* Give the guests 10 minutes to match the celebrity baby photos to their parents.
* The person with the most correct matches is the winner.

Guess How Many Safety Pins

You'll Need

Safety Pins and Jar

Pass around a jar full of baby safety pins. The one who guesses the closest wins a baby shower prize. A baby shower game favorite!

What Will Baby Look Like?

What mother hasn't wondered what the baby she and her husband produce will look like? Though it's impossible to predict what characteristics the kid will really have, this hilarious shower activity can shed a tad of (admittedly highly unscientific) insight.

"It's like looking at kindergarten self-portraits that run the gamut from crazy to, 'Wow! Look at that!'" says Ali Wing, CEO and founder of baby store Giggle.

You'll Need
* A photo of each guest and her partner (or dream partner)
* Scissors
* Glue
* Pink and blue oak tag

How to Do It
* Before the party, ask each guest to bring a 4-x-6-inch headshot of herself, and another 4-x-6-inch headshot of her partner or dream partner (Brad Pitt, Patrick Dempsey, of whoever strikes her fancy).
* Create pink and blue baby-shaped cutouts with large heads and small bodies.

Party Time
* Give each guest a baby-shaped cutout and scissors.
* Have guests cut up their headshots so that eyes, noses, mouths, and other features are separate pieces.
* Mix 'em up and then glue the features onto the baby-shaped cutouts.
* Take a look at all the "babies" -- and have a good laugh!

Baby Stroller Olympics

This probably won't qualify as an event in the summer Olympic games, but it makes for a great time at an outdoor baby shower, says Sharron Wood, author of Baby Shower Games.

You'll Need
* One baby doll
* One stroller
* Lawn chairs, logs, traffic cones, or other large objects that can be used as obstacles
* Two large sticks to serve as start and finish lines
* Stopwatch

How to Do It
* Map out an area of land. Use one stick to mark off the starting line, and another stick to mark off the finish line.
* Within that area, set up a few obstacles with the lawn chairs, logs, or other materials.

Party Time
* The pregnant mom-to-be will sit this one out and serve as the judge.
* Each guest will start behind the starting line. The guest will hold the baby doll and stand next to the stroller.
* When the mom-to-be says "Go!" the guest will strap the baby into the stroller and push baby and stroller around the obstacles until they reach the finish line.
* A one-second penalty is added each time the stroller or guest hits an obstacle.
* The guest is disqualified if the baby falls out of the stroller (oops!).
* The guest with the speediest time wins.

Pass the Dirty Diaper

You'll Need

Materials- diaper, chocolate, music player

One of our "dirtiest" baby shower games is for the host to take a diaper that has been "fixed" with warm chocolate in the right place and have the woman pass it to the woman next to them (make sure everyone is in a circle). When the host stops the music, whomever is holding the diaper is out of the game. a baby shower favorite!

Just Ask Mama

A new mama always has questions -- but let's hope she'll find better answers than the ones that turn up in this hilarious party activity, suggested by Friedland.

You'll Need
* Note cards
* Pens

Party Time
* Distribute note cards and pens to the guests.
* Tell each guest to write down a question a new mama would have, such as "How can I transition baby from my bed to his crib?" or "How do I take my baby's temperature?"
* Then, have everyone turn the card over and pass it to the guest on her left.
* Have each person write down the answer to her original question on the back of her new card.
* Take turns reading the question-and-answer combos out loud. ("How can I transition baby from my bed to his crib?" "Insert the thermometer about an inch into baby's bottom and watch the mercury climb.")
* The guest whose Q&A combination elicits the most laughter from the crowd wins.

Blindfold Diapering

Youll Need

(Materials- blindfold, baby lifesize doll(s), diapers)

One of the funniest baby shower games is for the women break into teams (up to five persons per team). Each team has a doll, blindfold and diapers. The object is for each participant to place the blindfold on, take the current diaper off the doll and place the new one on while blindfolded. After the first person finshes diapering, they run to the next team-mate who places the blindfold on and has to do the same. The first team to finish diapering wins!

What's the Story?

The creative juices will start flowing when guests have to write a short story on the spot -- but with a twist. This one's less of an icebreaker -- it's a great game to try if you'll have a group of people who are already friendly.

The results are hysterical -- and the worse the story, the better, says Wood.

You'll Need
* Lists of words related to and unrelated to babies
* Pens and paper

How to Do It
* Create a list of 10 words related to babies, such as "nursery," "bottles," "diapers." * Create a list of 10 words that have nothing to do with babies, such as "chainsaw," "automotive store," "arrested," and "beer."
* Make copies of both lists for all the guests.

Party Time
* Distribute both word lists to each guest.
* Distribute paper and pens to the guests.
* Give guests five minutes to write a story that includes all 20 words.
* Take turns reading the hilarious stories out loud. The person who comes up with the funniest tale wins.

Baby Tic-Tac-Toe

You'll Need

Materials- Large paper or erasable board to make the tic-tac-toe board, writing utensil, and baby facts

People are broken up in teams and have to answer a question about a baby fact. If they get the answer right, they get to choose a space (like the classic tic-tac-toe game).

Saving Time

Friedland recommends giving baby-to-be a present she'll one day cherish -- and have fun looking through, when she's older. A time capsule, created by mom's closest friends, will show her what life was like in the year she was born.

You'll Need
* A large Tupperware box or similar container (the host can decorate it in the shower's theme or colors)
* CDs, games, toys, newspaper clippings from each guest

How to Do It
* Before the shower, tell each guest to bring an object that's representative of the current times: a popular CD, a newspaper clipping of a celeb's latest exploits, a bestselling book or children's book of the moment, a special coin issued by the government for that year.

Party Time
* At the shower, have each guest present the item she brought and explain why she chose it.
* After each explanation, guests will place their items in the container.
* When all the items are in, have the host seal the container and present it to the mom-to-be as a gift.

Baby Alphabet Game

- Give each woman at the baby shower a pen and a piece of paper that has the alphabet written vertically down the left side of the page. The object of the game is for the woman to write one word that has to do with babies next to each letter of the alphabet. Set a timer for two minutes and whoever has the most baby words wins. (For example: A=alphabet, B=bottle, C=cuddly bear, etc).

Wanna Make a Bet?

Put guests at odds with each other -- but in a good way, and by dangling a cash prize (if you're comfortable with that). See who can come closest to -- or guess -- the baby's arrival date.

You'll Need
* Note cards
* Pens

Party Time
* Distribute note cards and pens to the guests, and remind them of the pregnant lady's official due date.
* Have each guest write down her name and the date she expects baby to be born, then hand it over to the hostess with a cool 10 bucks.

Post-baby, have the shower hostess send out a quickie e-mail to guests who attended, announcing the winner. Let her use the collected cash to purchase an AmEx or Visa gift card and pop it in the mail to the winner.

Baby Pictionary

- Before the baby shower, create playing cards by writing words or phrases that have to do with babies on each card. During the baby shower, divide into teams and give each team a pen or pencil and pad of paper. Each round, one person from each team views a card and draws the word or phrase for her team to guess. The team that guesses correctly first earns one point. Set a timer for two minutes to keep the game moving along. If the timer goes off before a team guesses correctly, allow someone new from each team to draw and choose a new card. After playing 5-10 rounds, each team adds up their points and the team with the most wins. A prize should be given to each person on the team. a baby shower favorite.

Quilting Time

Baby and the mom-to-be will be scoring tons of awesome stuff, but much of it practical and predictable. Why not have guests add to that with something unexpected -- baby's first hand-made blankie -- during the present-opening time?

You'll Need
* Cotton squares of fabric in coordinating solid colors
* Fabric pens

Party Time
* Distribute one square and several fabric pens to each guest.
* While the mom-to-be is opening gifts, have each guest decorate her square.
* After the shower, have the hostess (or the best seamstress in attendance) stitch the squares together to make a personal, impromptu quilt for baby.

Perfect Timing

See who has the gift of punctuality in this gift-opening game of chance -- and let guests, not just the guest of honor, take home a few goodies, too.

You'll Need
* A timer

Party Time
* As the mom-to-be is opening gifts, set the timer for a short length of time (five to seven minutes).
* Whoever's gift she's opening when the timer goes off wins a prize.
* Start the timer again and keep the routine going until all the presents are opened.

The Baby Shower Name Game

- Ask each guest to choose a baby name. If the sex is not known, have the women write down the name of boy or girl. If the sex of the baby is known, have them write down both a first and middle name. When they're done, set a timer and tell them to write as many words they can by using only the letters in the names they have chosen. Whoever writes the most words wins!

"Baby" Music Mix

Use this playlist to play Name That (Baby) Tune

"Baby One More Time" - Britney Spears
"Baby Boy" - Beyonce
"Baby, Baby" - Amy Grant
"Be My Baby" - The Ronettes
"Baby Love" - The Supremes
"American Baby" - Dave Matthews Band
"Always Be My Baby" - Mariah Carey
"I'm Your Baby Tonight" - Whitney Houston
"My Baby You" - Marc Anthony
"Can't Get Enough of Your Lave, Babe" - Barry White
"Baby I Love Your Way" - Peter Frampton
"I Got You Babe" - Sonny and Cher
"It Ain't Me, Babe" - Bob Dylan
"Don't Worry Baby" - The Beach Boys
"Babe" - STYX