Baby Shower Invitation Wording

for boys
for girls
for boy or girl
The time is coming, she's almost due
We're having a Nursery Shower all in blue!
The news is's a girl! Come celebrate with us at a Baby Shower
A new little baby is on the way so
Please reserve this special day!
They're expecting a baby, a new bundle of joy...
a very special gift, be it a girl or boy!
The time is coming,
She's almost due
and what we know
Is that it is definitely blue!
Tiny fingers, tiny toes,
little itty-bitty clothes,
dresses, dolls hair in curls,
guess what?...It's a girl!
We are all excited and happy as can be
Because Alex and Sue will soon be three!
Is it pink or is it blue? Oh, if we only knew!
Oh, what fun! Oh, what joy!
The Matthews are having a sweet baby boy!
We'll help fill the nursery with gifts for the little one
Be sure not to miss out on all the fun!
Bottles and booties, bibs and more...
Let's shower the baby with gifts galore!
Susan expecting a bundle joy,
We don't know if is a girl or boy
Let's celebrate at a Baby Shower
The stork is coming - it's bringing a boy,
The Brown home will be filled with joy!
The Bonnets and bows, the skirts that twirl Let's shower Anne with gifts for her new baby girl
You're invited to help celebrate the upcoming arrival of baby Smith at a Couples Baby Shower
Please come join us in sharing Anne's joy
As she prepares for a little girl or boy!
There's a baby on the way, a new bundle of joy;
a very special gift, a little boy!
We're tickled pink and happy to say
Sue and and Alex have a baby girl on the way!
Please join us for a
Couples Baby Shower
celebrating the upcoming arrival of
baby's name
Bottles, booties and diapers galore,
Susan Drake is expecting one more!

Susan's baby girl is on the way,
Let's help her get ready for the big day

If it's a boy or if it's a girl we simply can't say, but let's honor the mommy before the big day!
Be it a boy or a girl, we simply can't say,
Let's shower the Mommy before the delivery day!

Is it pink or is it blue? We haven't a clue!
Join us for a Baby Shower